poin­ter jumps

Inspi­red by my viz­sla girl “Pol­ly” and your mas­cot “Hul­ot” I crea­ted this ani­ma­ti­on. Every time my viz­sla girl is very hap­py she is doing a litt­le “hap­py dance” with her hind legs. In this case the beau­tiful bags of GOYARD make her dance. With a litt­le jump she pres­ents three bags in a humo­rous way. A per­fect short clip for social media e.g. Insta­gram or TikTok.


neon fluids

Vibrant shapes which morph into pro­ducts. It’s all about the trans­for­ma­ti­on. The style of the­se clips is inspi­red by the ico­nic lava lamp. The neon color is a retro ele­ment which is tren­ding more than ever.

artis­tic con­tent creation

This series com­bi­nes the art of trunk making and the art of frame by frame ani­ma­ti­on. Every sin­gle frame is hand drawn which makes the clip very uni­que. The dance of the pro­ducts empha­si­zes their ele­gan­ce and luxu­ry. The fresh design and style is extre­me­ly well-sui­ted for social media.



Now after pre­sen­ting my art, I want to intro­du­ce myself.

I’m Anne Koch and am working as an free­lan­ce illus­tra­tor in my stu­dio at Kai­sers­lau­tern, Ger­ma­ny. It’s a town full of con­trasts. In bet­ween one of Germany’s big­gest forests and the traf­fic of the U.S. Air Force in Ram­stein, my illus­tra­ti­ons and ani­ma­ti­ons come to life. It’s natu­re ver­sus con­cre­te. The­se oppo­si­tes are the inspi­ra­ti­on for my work.

My mother is an artist from Pol­and and taught me various dra­wing tech­ni­ques in the past. I’m now crea­ting my dra­wings digi­tal­ly and love to bring my illus­tra­ti­ons to life. In every sin­gle art work you can find a lot of my personality.

I’m loo­king for­ward hea­ring from you and wish you a love­ly time!